Formatting a Samsung Galaxy Note

Formatting a Samsung Galaxy Note Overview


Accomplishing a factory reset will erase all your settings which involves the changes you made to your profile, messages you have on the phone, all contacts that are not backed up to the SIM card or your Google account, and apps that you have downloaded. Nevertheless, Apps can be re-downloaded for free if downloaded from Google Play or Samsung Apps before.

Formatting a Samsung Galaxy Note erases your data from the phone. While data stored in your Google Account can be restored, all apps and their data won’t be restored. Before you restore your data, make sure that it’s in Google Account 


Steps on Formatting a Samsung Galaxy Note

Step A:

  1. First off the device completely and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power keys at the same time.
  1. Immediately the logo “GALAXY Note 3” appears on the screen, release the Power key but keep holding the Volume Up key and the Home key.
  2. Once the Android System Recovery menu shows, release the Volume Up and Home keys.
  3. You then use the Volume Up/Down keys for navigation in the menu and the Power key to select “‘wipe data/factory reset”.
  4. In the next menu select “Yes.


Step B:

Performing a factory reset using just the buttons on your device

When the device does not switch on or you have forgotten your unlock pass you will have to perform a reset using your device button. Use the following steps below.

  • First remove and re-insert the battery, and hold down the Volume Up, Menu, and Power buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.
  • When you see the android logo, release the buttons. This allows access to the unlock/reset menu.
  • You can equally navigate through the unlock/reset menu using the volume buttons to scroll up and down and the power button to confirm selections.
  • Then scroll down and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  • If prompted scroll down and select Yes – Delete All User Data.

The system should reboot automatically. In case it does not scroll to and select Reboot System Now. The device will then reboot to its factory settings with the security lock removed.


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Reasons Why You Should Format Your Smartphone Regularly

Here are three reasons why:

1. Keep Your Apps Up-to-Date
One of the main reasons you should format your smartphone regularly is to keep your apps up-to-date. App developers are always coming out with new updates thatfix bugs and add new features. If you don’t have the latest version of an app installed, you could be missing out on important security patches that could protect your personal information. Regularly formatting your phone ensures that you always have the most recent versions of all your apps installed.

2. Delete Unwanted Files
Another reason to format your phone regularly is to get rid of unwanted files that are taking up space on your device. Over time, as you install and delete apps, download and save photos and videos, and surf the web, your phone can start to fill up with junk files. These files can take up valuable storage space and slow down your phone’s performance. Formatting your phone will delete all these unwanted files and give you a fresh start.

3. Improve Battery Life
If you find that your smartphone’s battery life just isn’t what it used to be, formatting may be able to help. Over time, the battery in your phone will start to degrade, which can lead to shorter and shorter battery life. When you format your phone, it gives the battery a fresh start and can help improve its overall lifespan. While formatting won’t necessarily restore an older battery to its former glory, it can help lengthen its life by giving it a much-needed clean slate.




 In summary, you can efficiently format your Samsung Galaxy through the following shortcuts:

  • Click on Apps.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Steer to the General tab.
  • Click on Backup and reset.
  • Click on Factory data reset.
  • Click on Reset device.
  •  Click on Erase everything.

Your gadget will restart and commence the Factory Data Reset.



You must remember to back up your data before factory resetting using Kies on your computer. This is because App data is not backed up automatically.


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