Urgent Hiring Housekeepers In Japan

Urgent Hiring Housekeepers In Japan – High School Graduate Can Apply


Hiring Housekeepers In Japan: Explore Housekeeping Opportunities at Magsaysay Global Services, Inc.

In the pursuit of your dream job, a comprehensive review of available positions is the key to success. Before diving into the application process, it is essential to thoroughly understand the job descriptions, qualifications, requirements, deadlines, and other pertinent details. This meticulous approach not only grants you a competitive edge but also communicates your dedication to potential employers. Join us in exploring the world of housekeeping at Magsaysay Global Services, Inc., where you can transform your aspirations into a fulfilling reality.


This website solely provides job information and does not participate in the recruitment or application processes. It is not affiliated with any hiring agency, and there are no fees associated with accessing job details or applying through this platform.


Job Overview

Embrace the opportunity to embark on a rewarding journey by becoming a Housekeeper with Magsaysay Global Services, Inc. With 29 openings and a monthly salary of JPY 112,453.00, this is an enticing prospect worth considering.

To qualify for this position, candidates should possess at least one year of prior work experience as a domestic worker/helper, whether acquired internationally or locally, and have completed a four-year undergraduate course. A college graduate or undergraduate or a two-year vocational graduate or undergraduate is eligible to apply. Priority will be given to applicants holding an NC II Domestic Work certification.

Do not let this chance slip away; initiate your career in the housekeeping industry by submitting your application promptly.

About Magsaysay Global Services, Inc.

Magsaysay Global Services, Inc. serves as the land-based manpower, human resources services, and recruitment and talent acquisition arm of the Magsaysay Group of Companies, bearing the license number POEA-069-LB-072622-R. Expanding its services into various sectors, including hospitality, tourism, healthcare, oil and gas, as well as specialized engineering and trade industries, Magsaysay Global provides strategic recruitment, staffing, and management services to clients across the Middle East, Asia, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

With an extensive network of offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, China, and its healthcare staffing subsidiary, Careline Services, Inc. in New York (www.carelineservices.com), Magsaysay Global has built a robust talent pool by integrating strategic recruitment, training, development, employee retention, and family care into its service delivery process. This expertise extends to industries such as Maritime and Marine Support, Hospitality and Food Service, Information Technology, Health and Medical, Engineering and Trades, Retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Facilities and Household Support, and Child and Senior Care.

Job Description of Hiring Housekeepers In Japan

As a Housekeeper, your role is pivotal in maintaining the cleanliness and organization of living and working spaces, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant environment for residents, employees, and visitors. Your responsibilities encompass:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, showers, toilets, sinks, and countertops.
  • Vacuuming and sweeping floors, carpets, and rugs.
  • Making beds and changing linens.
  • Emptying trash receptacles.
  • Ensuring all rooms adhere to established standards.
  • Performing a variety of cleaning activities, including sweeping, mopping, dusting, and polishing.

Your unwavering commitment to exceptional service and keen attention to detail will contribute significantly to enhancing the reputation and success of the hospitality industry.

Magsaysay Global seeks individuals dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate about their craft to provide exceptional service and meet client needs. If you possess these qualities, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

Job Qualifications

For those interested in applying for the Housekeeping position at Magsaysay Global Services, Inc., the following qualifications must be met:

  • Experience: Candidates should have a minimum of one year of work experience as a domestic worker or helper, either internationally or locally.
  • Education: Candidates must hold a four-year undergraduate degree or be college graduates or undergraduates, or two-year vocational graduates or undergraduates.

Document Requirements

Certain documents are essential during the application process to assess candidates’ qualifications and experience. These include:

  • Updated Resume.
  • Valid Passport Copy.
  • Updated PEOS E-registration Profile.
  • PEOS Certificate.
  • NCII Certificate and Certificate of Completion/Training for Domestic Work Program (if available).
  • Certificate of Employment/POEA Information Sheet (if available).

Competitive Salary

The salary for the Housekeeping position is JPY 112,453.00 per month, approximately PHP 44,171.65 (as per the exchange rate on August 9, 2023, at 7:22 pm).

Application Deadline

The agency has not provided specific information regarding the application deadline.

About the Principal Employer

Embedded within Nichii Group’s motto, “Transforming kindness into our source of power,” lies the aspiration to harness the innate compassion within us, shaping it into a potent force grounded in authenticity and capable of uplifting society. Since its inception in 1968, Nichii Group has dedicated itself to offering essential living support services that align with the evolving demands of individuals and society.


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Conclusion on Hiring Housekeepers In Japan

In conclusion, if you aspire to a fulfilling career as a housekeeper, Magsaysay Global Services, Inc. offers the perfect opportunity. With 30 housekeeping positions available and a competitive monthly salary of JPY 112,453.00, along with a comprehensive benefits package, this is a chance you shouldn’t miss.

To apply, ensure you meet the one-year work experience requirement as a domestic worker or helper, have completed a four-year undergraduate course or are a college graduate or undergraduate, or a two-year vocational graduate or undergraduate. Act promptly, as the deadline is August 31, 2023, to submit your requirements and embark on a successful housekeeping career.

Magsaysay Global Services, Inc. is committed to providing high-quality service and matching job seekers with the right career opportunities. We encourage you to thoroughly review the housekeeping positions before applying to demonstrate your dedication and preparedness.

Important Notice

Magsaysay Global Services, Inc. operates through manpower pooling and does not collect fees from job applicants. It is imperative to remain vigilant against potential scams, such as illegal recruiters and human traffickers, who may attempt to deceive or exploit job seekers.


  • Carefully review the job posting to determine if you meet the requirements.
  • Submit your application online using this: bit.ly/3ydCtSD
  • After submitting your application and/or requirements, await a response from the employer, who may contact you for further information or to schedule an interview.
  • If selected, you will be invited for an interview, during which you will discuss your skills and experience and may be required to undergo a skills test.
  • If successful in the interview and skills test, the employer may extend a job offer.


Agency Address

Magsaysay Global Services, Inc.’s office at GF, G.E. Antonino Bldg., J. Bocobo St. cor. T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita Manila, Philippines.


Please note that visiting the head office in person is the fastest way to receive feedback from recruitment officers.

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This website provides job information only and is not responsible for recruitment or application processes. No fees are required for accessing job details or applying through this platform. Exercise caution and diligence when dealing with potential employers.


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