How to Wash Sherpa Blanket

In this guide, you will learn How to Wash Sherpa Blanket.

A sherpa fleece blanket is a type of blanket that is made with a soft, fluffy fabric on one side and a smooth, flat fabric on the other. The fluffy side is often made from polyester and the flat side is usually made from cotton. This type of blanket is very popular because it is soft, warm, and durable. However, sherpa fleece blankets are not easy to clean because they can shrink or bleed if they are not washed correctly. In this blog post, we will give you tips on washing a sherpa fleece blanket so that it stays in good condition for years to come.


Steps on How to Wash Sherpa Blanket

Step 1: Check the labels before you wash the blanket. Most blankets will have care instructions on the label. These instructions will tell you what temperature you should wash the blanket at and whether you should use bleach or not. It is important to follow these instructions carefully so that you do not damage the blanket.

Step 2: Choose the right detergent. If you are using a general-purpose detergent, make sure to choose one that does not contain bleach or any other harsh chemicals. You can also use a gentle detergent specifically designed for washing delicate items such as clothing or linens.

Step 3: Fill up your sink or bathtub with lukewarm water and add the detergent. swish around the blanket in the water until it is fully submerged then let it soak for about 15 minutes. This will help loosen any dirt or stains that are on the blanket.

Step 4: After 15 minutes, gently scrub the blanket with your hands to work the soap into the fabric. Continue scrubbing until all of the dirt and stains have been removed from the blanket. Be careful not to scrub too hard as this can damage the fabric.

Step 5: Rinse the blanket thoroughly with clean water to remove all traces of soap. You may need to rinse it several times to make sure that all of the soap has been removed completely.

Step 6: Once you have rinsed the blank, squeeze out as much water as possible then hang it up to dry. Do not put the blanket in the dryer as this can shrink or damage it further. Hang it in a place where there is good air circulation such as near an open window or door.


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How to Make Your Sherpa Blanket Fluffy Again

Step One: Shake It Out
The first step is to simply shake out the blanket. This will loosen any dirt, dust, or pet hair that may have accumulated on the blanket. If your blanket is small enough, you can take it outside and give it a good shake. Otherwise, shook it out over a trash can or in your bathtub (to contain the mess).

Step Two: Wash It On the Gentle Cycle
After you’ve shaken out the blanket, it’s time to wash it. Be sure to use cold water and set your machine to the gentle cycle. You may want to wash it alone or with other delicate items to avoid damage. Also, be sure to use a mild detergent; harsh chemicals can strip away the natural oils in the fabric that keep it soft.
After the wash cycle is complete, remove the blanket from the machine and shake it out again (yes, even if you already did this step—it’s important!).

Step Three: Dry It On Low Heat (or No Heat)
Now it’s time to dry your blanket. The best way to do this is on low heat or no heat; too much heat can damage the fibers and make them more likely to pill. If you’re using a clothesline or drying rack, great! This is actually the best way to dry a sherpa blanket, as it’s less likely to cause damage. However, if you must use a dryer, set it on low heat or no heat and check the blanket frequently until it’s dry.

Once it’s dry, remove it from the dryer promptly and give it another shake.
Pilling happens when tiny balls of fabric form on the surface of the fabric due to friction; this is especially common with synthetic fibers like polyester. To avoid pilling, be sure not to overstuff your washing machine or dryer (this causes more friction) and don’t leave your blanket in either machine for too long after the cycle ends (this allows wrinkles to form). Of course, you can always gently remove pills with a lint roller or by hand.



We hope that these tips on how to wash sherpa blanket have been helpful! Remember to follow the care instructions on the label carefully and avoid using any harsh chemicals or bleach when washing this type of blanket. With proper care, your sherpa fleece blanket should last for years to come!

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