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FMW Human Resources International Corporation is a company that provides placement and recruitment services for Filipino workers who wish to work abroad. The company was established in 1996 and is headquartered in Manila, Philippines.

Since its establishment, FMW has helped place more than 10,000 Filipino workers in various countries such as Canada, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Singapore. The company has a team of experienced and dedicated staff who are committed to helping Filipino workers find gainful employment overseas.

FMW is a member of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and is licensed by the POEA to recruit and deploy workers for employment abroad. The company is also a member of the Philippine Association of Service Exporters (PASEI) and the Federation of Free Workers (FFW).


Why Choose FMW?

FMW offers a wide range of services for Filipino workers who wish to work abroad. These services include:
– Assisting with job placement
– Handling deployment
– Processing documentation
– Facilitating training
– Providing pre-departure orientations
– Facilitating post-arrival debriefings.

Through its years of experience in the placement and recruitment industry, FMW has developed strong relationships with various government agencies and private companies overseas. This enables the company to provide its clients with up-to-date information on employment opportunities as well as process their applications quickly and efficiently.


FMW only deploys workers to positions that match their skillset and qualifications. The company also ensures that its deployed workers are able to comply with the requirements of their respective host countries. Furthermore, FMW offers comprehensive pre-departure orientations to equip deployed workers with the knowledge and skills they need to adjust to their new environment. These orientations cover topics such as culture shock, language barriers, and homesickness.
Post-arrival debriefings are also conducted by FMW staff to provide deployed workers with assistance should they encounter any problems while working abroad. These debriefings also serve as an avenue for feedback so that the company can continuously improve its services.


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Job Description: Pig Farmer

Duties and Responsibilities
The duties and responsibilities of a pig farmer include:
-Feeding the pigs
-Providing the pigs with water
-Cleaning the pigs’ pens
-Overseeing the breeding and birthing process
-Transporting pigs to slaughterhouses
-Selling pork products

Skills and Qualifications

Pig farmers should have previous experience working with livestock. They should be able to lift 50 pounds and work in hot, cold, and dirty environments. Farmers must be able to handle loud noises. They should have excellent problem solving skills as well as being able to work independently. Farmers must also be able to follow strict schedules and guidelines.
Pig farmers need at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Some farmers may choose to get a degree in animal science or agriculture.



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How much do employees get?

Monthly Salary: Php 140,000 – 144,000


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About the Agency:

  • Agency: FMW Human Resources International Corporation
  • POEA License No.: POEA 027-LB-020819-R

About the Employer:

  • Principal/Employer: GAP PERSONNEL HOLDINGS LTD
  • Principal/Employer Address: Pulford House, Bell Meadow Business Park, Park Lane, Pulford, Chester, CH4 9EP
  • Placement FeeThis job has no placement fee.


For manpower pooling only. No fees in any form and/or purpose will be collected from the applicants. Beware of illegal recruiters and human traffickers.

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